Registration for The Danish Roadbook

Registration for The Danish Roadbook 2022 will require 2 steps, to minimize fraud.
All attempts to register will be logged with your IP Address, so we can track You.

On this first screen You must give Your Contact Id (Your Name or other) and Your Contact Email address.
If You register for more than one Car, I advise You to give each of Your Cars a unique Nickname, and use that Nickname as Your Contact Id. Otherwise use Your First Name.
Examples: Ford, XP12345, Ascona, Peters Car, etc.

When You enter the SEND button, Your Registrationprocess will begin.
You will then receive a Mail in Your Mail INBOX.
This Mail will contain a Link. Click on the Link to proceed.
You will be directed to a new Screen, where You must enter Your personel data.

For corrections or status check, You can use the received Link.

Reuse your earlier registration!!! Or, if you want a new Registration Email
If You have lost your Mail with the registration Link, or previous Year registration, click here ReSend Registration link


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SportSignUp has been developed by Tage Gejl, who also developed Gejl Rutebog - The Danish Roadbook.
The system can be used for registration for The Danish Roadbook.
Comments will be appreciated, but I will not promise to reply or to use suggestions.


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